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Line scan technology even further extended

11 janvier 2017

With the addition of the first colour TDI (Time Delay Integration) line scan cameras for machine vision from Teledyne DALSA, STEMMER IMAGING continues to offer the widest range of line scan technology. This enables us to work in partnership with customers to provide successful line scan solutions in the most challenging imaging projects.

The new Piranha XL 8k and 16k colour TDI cameras from Teledyne DALSA are powered by Teledyne DALSA's advanced multiline CMOS colour TDI technology. TDI summing of 4 rows each for red, green and blue colours delivers high-speed imaging with 4x the responsivity of a single-line tri-linear camera. This brings outstanding sensitivity and signal to noise ratio for exceptional true RGB colour imaging performance in high-speed imaging applications even in low-light conditions. The low light level sensitivity means that the amount of illumination used can be reduced, thus saving cost.

The cameras also feature exposure control for better image quality. It provides precise control and consistent exposure by eliminating variations in exposure that might result from any fluctuations in the speed of the object passing under the camera due to inconsistencies in the conveyor belt or encoder jitter.

These new cameras allow inspection at either 8k or 16k resolution, with a maximum line rate of up to 70 kHz in full colour mode. This enables the smallest details to be observed in the inspected object even in low light or unevenly lit conditions. This produces more precise and reliable inspection results and leading to better product quality.

In addition, the AOI and ROI capability allows scanning of only the relevant regions of the object, reducing the amount of data that needs to be processed for a given scan. The Camera Link HS interface can handle large quantities of data meaning that these smaller regions can be scanned at even higher speed reducing the time needed for inspection. This can be done without any need to modify the PC infrastructure, thus saving cost.

All Piranha XL cameras are built with Teledyne DALSA's Trigger to Image Reliability framework, which controls and monitors the entire process from trigger through image capture and transfer to host memory and helps protect from data loss. This helps to increase uptime, improve productivity and lower cost.

Teledyne DALSA

Waterloo, Canada

La société canadienne Teledyne DALSA Inc., une filiale du groupe Teledyne Technologies Inc., offre dans le domaine du traitement d'images numériques un très large éventail de produits de vision industrielle. Outre les caméras linéaires, l'entreprise propose des particularités technologiques : des caméras linéaires TDI (Time Delay Integration), des caméras Multitap, haute vitesse, matricielles et à haute résolution, des cartes d’acquisition d’images PCI pour chaque type de caméra, des systèmes de traitement embarqués, des outils logiciels et des systèmes de traitement d’images intelligents IPD pour des tâches très diverses de contrôle qualité, de contrôle d’intégralité et d’erreurs.

Teledyne DALSA Piranha XL - Détection rapide de défauts même avec peu de lumière
  • Caméra linéaire multiligne TDI avec capteur CMOS
  • Excellente qualité d'image même avec peu de lumière
  • Débit rapide à un prix économique