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European training concept for improved transfer of knowledge

17 octobre 2011

The newly founded European Imaging Academy, a Europe-wide solution for transfer of machine vision knowledge to clients, is based on our proven training concept.

The STEMMER IMAGING training programme has been a key part of our company philosophy for years now: It aims to complement our broad product range for many and varied application types by providing knowledge to the client. Clients can use this knowledge to secure and improve the competitiveness of their company.

The European Imaging Academy - Europe-wide Machine Vision Knowledge

We have now extended this training programme to the European level and founded the European Imaging Academy. The institution's main goal is to improve delivery of theoretical and practical knowledge about machine vision to STEMMER IMAGING clients throughout Europe. Especially users in France and Switzerland will benefit from trainings that have been held successfully in German and British subsidiaries. Therefore clients of all subsidiaries are now able to benefit from such knowledge.

Machine Vision Training via YouTube

The service range of the European Imaging Academy will soon exceed typical training in our training centres: Electronic media shall be further implemented into our training concept as well. Machine vision videos will be offered via our YouTube channel, thus providing a new way of "mobile learning", higher flexibility and permanent availability. Of course our website will still provide valuable information and STEMMER IMAGING expertise on machine vision.

European Imaging Academy - Vision and Wisdom with the Owl

Our new training concept will be accompanied by a ‘wisely’ chosen logo: The owl traditionally represents excellent vision and wisdom. You will come across the European Imaging Academy owl every time we share our machine vision expertise with you.


Puchheim, Germany

STEMMER IMAGING est une société active dans le domaine de la vision industrielle depuis 1987. Offrant une très large palette de produits et de services, l'entreprise est aujourd'hui le plus grand fournisseur de technologie de vision en Europe. En 1997, STEMMER IMAGING a présenté Common Vision Blox (CVB), une bibliothèque de programmation puissante pour le développement et la mise en œuvre de solutions de vision rapides et fiables, utilisée avec succès dans plus de 40.000 applications de part le monde.