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Cognex DataMan 300: High-speed barcode reading

1 mars 2012

Cognex now presents the new DataMan 300 model as an addition to the proven DataMan 500 barcode readers introduced in spring 2011.

The DataMan 500 has proven its value for logistics, commissioning and distribution applications in the first year since introduction. This model reads 1D or 2D codes irrespective of their alignment and speed – conditions often prevailing in sorting applications for post, parcels and packages.

Ideally suited for high-speed logistics applications

Cognex now introduces the DataMan 300, specifically tailored towards high- speed logistics applications such as container scanning, label print verification and card box code reading. "We considered logistics as an industry relying on laser technology for many years now. But we knew we were able to design a better, more affordable image-based solution for high-speed logistics applications," Carl Gerst, Vice President and Business Unit Manager for ID products at Cognex explains.

Increasing decoding speed thanks to Hotbars technology

The DataMan product range of barcode readers provides higher continuous reading rates than laser scanners. The new DataMan 300 model, available from now, incorporates the Cognex algorithm 1DMax with Hotbars technology, increasing decoding speed for damaged or poorly printed linear 1D barcodes often found in the logistics industry.

The Hotbars technology makes it possible to locate barcodes with any alignment using their texture, and to extract high resolution 1D signals for decoding. Hotbars combines maximum signal integrity and premium reading speed, boosting the performance of the latest generation Cognex DataMan readers.

Benefits of camera-based barcode readers include higher reading rates, reducing costs and increasing processing speed, visualised data access for continuous process enhancement, low equipment costs due to missing moving parts, and increased sustainability: 2D Matrix codes are becoming the standard in more and more industries.

Cognex DataMan 8500

$img:image1{right w120 mT0} Cognex expanded their range of wireless DataMan 8000 readers by the new DataMan 8500 model. This reader operates with patented Cognex UltraLight technology, ensuring premium image generation from any type of marking or surface.
The UltraLight illumination combines bright field, dark field and diffuse lighting in a single electronically controlled illumination.


Natick (MA), United States

La société américaine Cognex Corporation développe et produit des systèmes de vision industrielle. Avec son large portefeuille et ses nombreuses succursales aux Etats-Unis, en Europe, au Japon et en Asie du Sud-Est, la société Cognex - fondée en 1981 - est l'un des leaders mondiaux dans le domaine des systèmes de vision, des capteurs et des lecteurs de codes à barres.

Cognex DataMan - Lecteur ID à haute puissance
  • Lecteur ID à haute puissance
  • Configuration rapide et facile
  • Lecture fiable de codes Data Matrix même sur surfaces métalliques
  • Lecture omnidirectionnelle possible