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Camera housings for use in climate chambers

23 février 2016

STEMMER IMAGING offers special housings for highly sensitive cameras used in large climate chambers. The housings, which are distributed under the name CVX SI-Climate-Housing, are compact, IP66/68-rated enclosures featuring cooling and heating modules protecting the camera system against extreme temperature changes and ensuring crisp high-resolution image capture.

Christian Faßbender, Product Manager at STEMMER IMAGING
Christian Faßbender,
Product Manager,

„Customised developments such as the CVX climate housings are one of STEMMER IMAGING’s particular strengths“ , explains Christian Faßbender, Product Manager at STEMMER IMAGING.

„Since there are many applications in which industrial cameras cannot withstand the harsh operating conditions required, we offer our customers a full range of protective housings. Our primary aim is to protect your complete solution; not just the camera, but the cable and any peripheral electronics. From a standard configuration to complex, customised applications, we implement your requirements in the best way for you.“

The light-grey, tubular CVX climate housing measures 230 mm x 500 mm (diameter x length). It is completely made of V2A stainless steel and offers an isolated exterior. Equipped with a water cooling system and internal electrical heating it can be operated in temperatures ranging from -40 °C bis +120 °C, regardless of the humidity level. Cooling is achieved by water flowing around the housing walls. Controlling the window temperature ensures a condensation-free front window. The camera used is a Sony full HD block camera with zoom function. The camera can be configured via software and STEMMER IMAGING’s GigE interface module.

The camera housing is supplied by an external 4 HE 19“ module, which also includes the air/water exchanger. Cabling between supply unit and camera is realised through a flexible, slip-resistant, 5 metre protection tube. The tube system is firmly connected to the camera, the cooling unit is connected via plug-in.

Optionally, STEMMER IMAGING offers a complete software package for the climate housing for controlling, recording, analysis and monitoring.


Puchheim, Germany

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