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Teledyne DALSA X64-CL Express - Cartes d'acquisition d'images CameraLink

The Teledyne DALSA X64-CL Express is a range of digital frame grabbers using the CameraLink interface. These frame grabbers offer data transfer rates up to four times those provided by conventional digital boards on a standard PCI bus at 32 bit/33MHz.

The board can acquire images from two independent cameras in base mode or from one camera in medium mode. Both colour and monochrome cameras with area or line sensors are supported.

The technology employed in the X64-CL Express makes it possible to transfer data with no CPU load. As is to be expected, Teledyne DALSA products offer extensive interface options for industrial integration, such as digital I/Os, RS-232, triggers and counters etc.

As a result, the X64-CL Express is perfectly suited for all industrial CameraLink applications that require high transmission rates with no CPU load, while also offering excellent value for money. This card is also ideally suited for multi-camera applications.

PCI Express frame grabber for image acquisition using the CameraLink standard

  • For area and line scan cameras using the CameraLink interface
  • Provides image acquisition from 2 independent base cameras
  • Programmable image sizes up to 256 k x 16M (H/V) up to an infinite number of lines for line scan cameras
  • 32MB image memory
  • Hardware-implemented, self-loading scatter/gather DMA transfer permits data transfer with no CPU load
  • Online sorting of multi-tapped cameras
  • Two independent trigger inputs (TTL, RS422 or opto-isolated)
  • 2 strobe outputs
  • 12 digital I/Os (optional)
  • 2 independent shaft encoders (e.g. for connection to an incremental encoder)
  • Interrupt support for various events
  • 2 Look Up Tables (LUT), up to 64KB each
  • RS-232 interface for direct camera control via the CameraLink interface
  • Camera Power: 12V/5V 1.5A
  • Supports Common Vision Blox


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Cartes d'acquisition d'images


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