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Gardasoft RC

  • Cost effective single channel LED controllers
  • Includes power regulation, intensity control, timing and triggering functions
  • High current pulsing up to 2.0 A
  • Uses SafePower technology:
    • No cooling needed while using high current
    • Minimised thermal dissipation removes the need for additional heat-sink and thus facilitates the installation process
    • Output voltage is not limited to the supply voltage
  • Uses patented SafeSense technology for precise overdriving within the specified limits


  • RC100:
    • User interface: push-button
    • Output current: up to 1.0 A in continuous or pulsed mode
  • RC120:
    • User interface: push-button and Ethernet
    • Output current: up to 1.2 A in continuous mode or 2.0 A in pulsed mode
    • Ethernet allows use as reduced web servers for control with machine vision software or PC
  • Single channel strobe controller
  • Pulse timing: 100 µs up to 100 ms in steps of 100 µs
  • Output voltage: 0 VDC up to 32 VDC


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Module de contrôle pour éclairage à LEDs

  • 1 canal
  • Paramétrage via "Push-Button"
  • Courant de sortie maximal par canal: courant pulsé ...


Module de contrôle pour éclairage à LEDs

  • 1 canal
  • Paramétrage via interface Ethernet
  • Courant de sortie maximal par canal: courant ...
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Whitepaper Gardasoft contrôleurs pour éclairages à LEDs
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