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Sony DXC - Caméras 3-CCD pour une exigence particulière

Sony 3 CCD colour cameras have long since established thenselves as market leaders for applications in the medical and research sectors. These cameras offer excellent colour reproduction and allow many different settings to be adjusted.

The most outstanding products developed for this sector include the DXC-390P using a 1/3" sensor and the DXC-C 33P with a separate camera head using a 1/3" sensor.

  • Exceptional image quality thanks to the new Exwave HAD sensor
  • DXC-390P: 3xCCD 1/3" IT, 752 x 582, 800 line resolution


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Camera Matricielle Analogique Camera Tri-CCD

  • CCD 1/3" VBS
  • Sortie RGB,Y/C
  • Monture C
  • RS232
Fichier Rubriques Taille
Sony DXC-390 / DXC-390P
Fiches produits
284,1 Kio
Sony DXC-990 / DXC-990P
Fiches produits
392,7 Kio